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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Friday, December 28, 2007

Bob Marley Mp3 Album - Legend

Bob Marley Mp3 Album - Legend

Track List:

1. Is This Love
2. No Woman, No Cry
3. Could You Be Loved
4. Three Little Birds
5. Buffalo Soldier
6. Get Up, Stand Up
7. Stir It Up
8. One Love / People Get Ready
9. I Shot The Sheriff
10. Waiting In Vain
11. Redemption Song
12. Satisfy My Soul
13. Exodus
15. Easy Skanking

:: download mp3 album here ::
Bob Marley Mp3 Album - Legend

Music Video-Will.I.Am(I Got It From My Mama)

Music Video-Will.I.Am(I Got It From My Mama)

Lets enjoy this music video!!

:: download MV here ::
Will.I.Am(I Got It From My Mama)

password for file: sidlo

Shakira - Pure Intuition The Best of Mp3 Collection (2007)

Shakira - Pure Intuition The Best of Mp3 Collection (2007)

track list :-
01. Underneath your clothes
02. Don´t Bother
03. Las de La IntuiciĆ³n
04. Ojos Asi
05. Illegal (Featuring Carlos Santana)
06. La Tortura (Featuring Alejandro )
07. Hips Don´t Lie (Featurin wyclef Jean)
08. Whenever, Wherever
09. Pure Intuation (Unreleased)
10. Beautiful Liar (Shakira & Beyonce)
11. Objetion (tango)
12. Eyes Like Your (Ojos Asi)
13. Animal City
14. The One
15. Poem To a Horse
16. No (Featuring Gustavo Cerati)

WTB: Yamaha P70 or P60 digital piano

As part of my ongoing bid to get music out of my 'little room upstairs' and into the rest of the house (first step: Acoustic guitar in the kitchen), I'm looking for a digital piano for the living room. Obviously this isn't my first choice. My choices, in order, would be: #1: A Rhodes 88, #2: A big ol' Harmonium, #3: A really nice upright piano. However, money, space and neighbours have convinced me that a low-end digital piano is a good start (I'm a terrible keyboard player). So, if you have a Yamaha P70 or P60 for sale, ideally cheap, ideally in London, then please get in touch... (pic via Tarotoast)
UPDATE: Thanks for all the suggestions. I got a b-stock P70 from Dolphin Music, very happy with it, spent the evening clunking out Philip Glass very poorly.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Playing a musical instrument is better exercise than having sex (but not as good as chopping trees)

As part of my day job, I've been consulting the endlessly entertaining Compendium of Physical Activities, which puts all human activity on a scale to measure physical effort and the number of calories burnt. The lowest things on the scale are, reasonably enough, sleep (0.9 mets), and listening to music (1 met). The highest is "Forestry, Ax Chopping, Fast" (17 mets). To save you looking it up, 'sexual activity' ranges from 'passive, light effort, kissing, hugging' (1 met) to 'active, vigorous effort' (1.5 mets). I wouldn't want question the accuracy of the study, but 1.5 mets is the same as 'typing: electric, manual or computer'. Anyway, here are the records for musical instrument playing. To put it in context, 4.0 mets is the same as playing ping-pong. Unfortunately there's no entry for 'light mouse clicking'

1.8 Accordion

2.0 Cello

2.0 Flute (sitting)

2.0 Horn

2.0 Woodwind

2.0 Guitar, classical, folk (sitting)

2.5 Conducting

2.5 Piano or organ

2.5 Trumpet

2.5 Violin

3.0 Guitar, rock and roll band (standing)

3.5 Trombone

3.5 Marching band, drum major (walking)

4.0 Drums

4.0 Marching band, playing an instrument, baton twirling (walking)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Music Video-Jojo(Too Little Too Late)

Music Video-Jojo(Too Little Too Late)

Another music video from Jojo..Enjoy!!!

::download MV here::
Jojo(Too Little Too Late)

Music Video-Sean Kingston(Beautiful Girls)

Music Video-Sean Kingston(Beautiful Girls)

Another music video from Sean Kingston..Enjoy!!!

::download MV here::
Music Video-Sean Kingston(Beautiful Girls)

password : 7342

Music Video-Foo Fighters(The Pretender )

Enjoy this clip video from Foo Fighters..yeah

:: download MV here ::
MV Foo Fighters(The Pretender)

Music Video-Beyonce&Syakira(Beautiful Liar )

Music Video-Beyonce&Syakira(Beautiful Liar )

Enjoy this clip video from Beyonce & Syakira..yeah

:: download MV here ::
Beyonce&Syakira(Beautiful Liar )

Friday, December 21, 2007

Tony-B Machine: The most awesome flash music game ever

From France comes Tony B Machine, which pisses on Rave Generator and Punk-O-Matic from a great height. If you've ever wanted to make really awful trance/pop using a Whigfield sample, then this essential. The interface is awesome, and you can sequence your button pushes on a grid, then release your 'recordings' in an album. Here's hoping that Tony B decides to put his interface design skills into making a real piece of music gear soon. Be sure to read the history page which shows how the site has evolved (I prefered the look of v2, with it's Bontempi Organ stylings...) (via Zfigz)

Music Video-Avril Lavigne( Innocence )

Music Video-Avril Lavigne( Innocence )

Enjoy this clip video from Avril..yeah

:: download MV here ::
MV Avril Lavigne( Innocence )

MTV Punk'd - Hilary Duff

MTV Punk'd - Hilary Duff

Let's watch how Hilary Duff got punk'd !!! :D

::download here::
MTV Punk'd - Hilary Duff

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Alvin And The Chipmunks - OST - 2007

Alvin And The Chipmunks - OST - 2007

1. Bad Day
2. The Chipmunk Song(Christmas Don’t Be Late)(Deetown OG Mix)
3. Follow Me Now
4. How We Roll
5. Witch Doctor
6. Come Get It
7. The Chipmunk Song(Christmas Don’t Be Late)(Deetown Rock Mix)
8. Funkytown
9. Get You Goin-
10. Coast 2 Coast
11. Mess Around
12. Only You (And You Alone)
13. Ain-t No Party
14. Get Munk-d
15. Witch Doctor (Classic Version)
16. The Chipmunk Song(Christmas Don’t Be Late)(Classic Version)

The Golden Compass OST [2007]

The Golden Compass OST [2007]

Track List:
01 The Golden Compass 02:20
02 Sky Ferry 02:43
03 Letters From Bolvangar 02:32
04 Lyra, Roger & Billy 01:28
05 Mrs Coulter 05:19
06 Lyra Escapes 03:43
07 The Magisterium 01:58
08 Dust 01:09
09 Serafina Pekkala 01:49
10 Lee Scoresby’s Airship Adventure 01:18
11 Iorek Byrnison 05:27
12 Lord Faa, King Of The Gyptians 02:18
13 The Golden Monkey 02:03
14 Riding Iorek 04:39
15 Samoyed Attack 01:21
16 Lord Asriel 02:08
17 Ragnar Sturlusson 06:19
18 Ice Bear Combat 02:16
19 Iorek’s Victory 01:27
20 The Ice Bridge 01:32
21 Rescuing The Children 02:19
22 Intercision 02:48
23 Mother 03:35
24 Battle With The Tartars 04:30
25 Epilogue 03:32
26 Lyra (performed by Kate Bush) 03:19

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Working microphone in a solid silver ring

Joel at Boing Boing Gadgets has this splendid microphone ring from Etsy ($105, but sold out, obviously). You could hack the module from a $5 K-Micro condenser mic into a ring, maybe with the phantom powered electronics in a wristwatch...

I'm selling all my music gear...

Because now that I've found Rave Generator, my life is complete.

Chimera BC16 - Cute, CD-sized analog modular synth for $229

Love the look of this. The Chimera BC16 is a tiny circular mono synth - those holes are patch points (as you can see in this picture), linking together the VCO, LFO, Envelope, 24db filter, noise and ring mod. Orders taken now, shipping in mid Jan. Next year they'll be coming with the SM16 - a sequencer and MIDI/CV interface, and the PH303 - a $299 303 clone. And yes, before you write, it looks very similar to the Technomage Life which has been about to reappear for a year or two, but certainly isn't currently on sale for £115...
UPDATE: UK Prices are up: The synth (inc patch cords) is £116. The sequencer/MIDI interface (inc patch cords) is £136, both including shipping.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Spice Girls 2007 - Now Return

Spice Girls 2007 - Now Return

Track List:

01 - Bumper To Bumper
02 - Take Me Home
03 - One Of These Girls
04 - Baby Come Round
05 - Spice Invaders
06 - Outer Space Girls
07 - Walk Of Life

08 - 2 Become 1 (Spanish Version)

Lenny Kravitz - Bring It On [New Single - 2007]

Lenny Kravitz - Bring It On [New Single - 2007]

::download Mp3::

MTV Punk'd - Jessica Alba

MTV Punk'd - Jessica Alba

Let's watch how Jessica Alba got punk'd !!! :D

::download here::
MTV Punk'd - Jessica Alba

Friday, December 14, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

Madonna Mp3 Album - Licorise (2007)

Madonna Mp3 Album - Licorise (2007)

You can download full mp3 album here.

01 Candy Shop.mp3
02 Sweet Darling.mp3
03 Little by little.mp3
04 Society.mp3
05 the Evidence.mp3
06 The beat goes on.mp3
07 All the things.mp3
08 Britney dont do it.mp3
09 Pharrel.mp3
10 I have the key.mp3
11 It Hurts.mp3
12 My Baby.mp3
13 So lonely.mp3
14 Surprise.mp3
15 At-titude.mp3
16 Bonus track Britney don’t do it Remix.mp3

This Amstrad Studio 100 can eat your ProTools rig

This ad for an Amstrad Studio 100 4 track / hifi combo is awesome. And it's good to see one still in use (and another!). (Thanks Mikey)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

How the Sony Walkman ad was made

Here's a short film about how the Sony Walkman ad (with all the musicians playing one note each) was made - at Alexander Palace in London in October. You might want to skip between 3:25 and 3:50 to avoid the marketing execs explaining how the ad embodies the maverick nature of some crap Mp3 players, but otherwise it's great. Were any of you there? The dude with the Moog Source at the front looks like an MT reader to me... (Thanks Fab)

Tell me about Karlheinz Stockhausen

I don't know anything about Stockhausen besides "great pioneer", "inspired Kraftwerk and Bjork", "not good for parties" and "made music for four helicopters". Anyone got any good stories?

Mark Mothersbaugh and Raymond Scott's Electronium

Inverse Room writes to recommend this great piece from LA Weekly about Mark Mothersbaugh and his amazing career and collection of music gear, which includes Raymond Scott's non-working Electronium - featured in the video above. As the gasps and grunts on the video soundtrack suggest, it really is the Holy Grail as far as synth collection goes, short of finding a working Teleharmonium at a car boot sale.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Music Video-The Click Five(Just The Girl)

Music Video-The Click Five(Just The Girl)

Enjoy this music video !

::download here::
MV Click Five - Just The Girl

Extreme hardcore synth pr0n in 3D - Jean Michel Jarre live

Here's a short 'making of' promo for Jean Michelle Jarre's new 'Oxygene Live in your Living Room' album/DVD. It's half in French and contains a great deal of blah blah blah, but you can see the phenomenal collection of vintage gear he used to recreate his 1977 album Oxygene (live, without using MIDI or sync). The DVD release also includes the whole thing in 3D, which you watch using old-fashioned red/blue paper glasses. I couldn't make much sense of the 3D, and the music is fairly ponderous but the DVD is the finest synth porn I've ever seen. I want to see it in HD, to better watch the tape loops spooling up the back of the two-manual Mellotron or read the patches on the numerous EMS Synthis scattered over the stage. There's also a wonderful seven minute film with Jean Michel talking you through the gear, strapping on his Moog Liberation, showing off his Arp 2500 modular and playing an old 1920s theremin.
UPDATE: Here's the JMJ synth walkthrough video on YouTube.

Return of the synth cake! (Also vintage guitar FX cakes)

It's been a while since our last sighting of a synth cake, so I was delighted to hear from Benjamin, who writes: "My friends in the band Freezepop had a synth-cake party and they made..." this awesome SH-101 cake, an almost equally awesome (although lacking the tic-tac buttons) Oberheim DMX cake, and also these vintage guitar pedal cakes. A world salutes you, mighty synth cake makers.

$1,600 reverse loudspeaker makes your room quieter

Wired News have a nice piece on tiny studios and the Bag End E-Trap, an active bass trap - a microphone, a 10" speaker and some DSP, which can counter the excessive bass you might get in a resonant room. It takes a day to tune the trap to the room. Studio designers WSDG have a heavy duty technical paper (.doc link) on the subject.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Alizee - Psychedelices Mp3 Album(2007)

Alizee - Psychedelices (2007)

1. Mademoiselle Juliette
2. Fifty Sixty
3. Mon Taxi Driver
4. Jamais Plus
5. Psychedelices
6. Decollage
7. Par Les Paupieres
8. Lilly Town
9. Lonely List
10. Idealiser
11. L’Effet

::download album here::
Alizee - Psychedelices (2007)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

MTV Punk'd - Elisha Cuthbert

MTV Punk'd - Elisha Cuthbert

Let's watch how Elisha Cuthbert(Girl Next Door) got punk'd !!! :D

::download here::
MTV Punk'd - Elisha Cuthbert

Music Video-Alicia Keys(No One)

Music Video-Alicia Keys(No One)

Enjoy this music video Alicia keys !!

::download here::
MV Alicia Keys(No One)

Kylie Minogue 2 Hearts Mp3 2007

Kylie Minogue 2 Hearts 2007

Track List:

1. 2 Hearts 2:52
2. 2 Hearts (Alan Braxe Remix) 4:53
3. King Or Queen 2:37
4. I Don’t Know What It Is 3:15

::download Mp3 here::
Kylie Minogue 2 Hearts Mp3s

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Music Video-Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake ft Timbaland(Give It To Me)

Music Video-Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake ft Timbaland(Give It To Me)

::download music video here::
MV Give it To Me
[ alternative link ]

Music Video-Timbaland(The Way I Are)

Music Video-Timbaland(The Way I Are)

Enjoy this music video! I have to upload at Rapidshare because other free hosting file do not host the file for too long, end up my files been deleted.

::download here::
MV Timbaland(The Way I Are)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

MTV Punk'd - Rihanna

MTV Punk'd - Rihanna

Let's watch how Rihanna got punk'd !!! :D

::download here::
MTV Punk'd - Rihanna

Blackbird Rider carbon fiber acoustic has a hollow neck

This is the Blackbird Rider, a $1,599 travel acoustic guitar made from carbon fiber. They claim it's close to unbreakable: "You can play in a tropical rain storm and Rider will be fine. It can withstand a fall on a concrete floor without breaking.". The neck is just hollow carbon fiber, with no truss rod and a resin fingerboard. Even the headstock is hollow, so the whole thing is one resonant chamber. (via Uncrate)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Music Video-New Found Glory(Its Not Your Fault)

Music Video-New Found Glory(Its Not Your Fault)

Enjoy this music video !

::download here::
MV New Found Glory - Its Not Your Fault

Arturia Analog Factory Experience keyboard - first review

What is it? It's a hardware controller for Arturia's Analog Factory plugin, which emulates 7 classic vintage synths (Arp 2600, Mini Moog, Moog Modular, Prophet 5, Prophet VS, Jupiter 8, CS 80). £229 / $349. LINK

What's good? I love the idea - a piece of software made real.It's a great looking, great feeling little keyboard made in China by CME. The design ticks all the Music Thing boxes - it's (off) white, it has real wood end cheeks, a nice semi-weighted keyboard, really solid, heavy, all-metal chassis, 11 continuous knobs, 4 ADSR sliders (NICE TOUCH!) and a snapshot system pinched from the Nord G2. I like the idea of a tweakable preset machine, like a modern day Matrix 1000, but with 3,500 patches. On each preset, you can change the volume envelope (slightly frustrating if the filter envelope is fixed), the filter cutoff & resonance, LFO rate & amount, and four other pre-selected parameters. Arturia's emulations sound fantastic, though I'm not qualified enough to judge how accurate they are. The Arp sounds raw and clunky with a boingy spring reverb. The Prophet VS sounds gritty and digital. The Moog Modular sounds huge, etc. If you want to know about the software, Create Digital Music and Sound on Sound can help.

What's bad? Aaaaagh! It's software. Installing it had me typing a 32 digit number four or five times until it took. I installed it on my laptop, and it's now impossible to move to another PC, without (at least) contacting customer support and buying a Syncrosoft key for €14. Yes, if I'd paid £229 for it, rather than borrowing one to review, I'd have thought harder about where I installed it. But why should I have to? It's lame. For £250 you can buy a new XioSynth, MicroKorg, or Alesis Micron or a used Juno 6 or JP8000.
If you're a professional musician, or you're trying to get great sounds in a hurry, or you enjoy tidiness and efficiency, then Analog Factory is perfect. It's quick to use, far better sounding than those cheap hardware synths, and all your settings are saved automatically. If, like me, you're a no-talent tinkerer, who enjoys fiddling with gear and recording bits of music, then the Analog Factory Experience might be a disappointment. But that's just me. If you enjoy software synths, then there are a few relatively minor niggles. The keyboard will output midi, but the controller numbers are all fixed, so you'll have to teach other synths to understand it, rather than vice versa. And there's very audible stepping when you're tweaking some knobs, i.e when tweaking the cutoff frequency on a resonant filter.

So... If you get on with software synths, and you want a fantastically sexy little controller for a huge collection of great synth sounds, buy this now. If you want a sexy little synth, don't.

MTV Punk'd - Avril Lavigne

MTV Punk'd - Avril Lavigne

Since i got collection of MTV Punk'd, I'll upload it so you can enjoy it..So, for the first let's watch how Avril got punk'd :D

::download here::
MTV Punk'd - Avril Lavigne

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ten man orchestra from Finland plays only 303s

Here's Jori Hulkkonen conducting his 303 orchestra at the UMF Festival in Turku, Finland in August. The sound is really awful, and you can't see what's going on, but it's a nice alternative to all those laptop orchestras. (Thanks, oerfil)

Music Video-Sean Kingston(Take You There)

Music Video-Sean Kingston(Take You There)

Another music video from Sean Kingston..Enjoy!!!

::download MV here::
Sean Kingston - Take You There

Monday, November 26, 2007

Music Video-Timbaland ft One Republic(Apologize)

Music Video-Timbaland ft One Republic(Apologize)

This song is currently on top in the chart. Really nice song. And now you can enjoy music video for the song...

::download music video::
MV Timbaland - Apologize
RAR password :

Thursday, November 22, 2007

20 non-boring Christmas gifts for musicians which cost less than £100

See also: 11 crazy expensive Christmas gifts for musicians, and my 2005 Gift Guide, which still stands up OK.

1. TapeOp Magazine The coolest magazine about recording and excessively expensive music gear is now available free in the US, UK and Europe. Free

2. Akai E2 Headrush The awesome looper/delay pedal used by KT Tunstall in this ace clip (and by countless people in other YouTube clips) £95 UK|$199 US

3. Lap Steel My wife bought me a lap steel for my birthday this year, and it's awesome. They're cheap, easy to play and cool-sounding. Make sure it comes with a tone bar, or they won't be able to play it on Xmas day. £50-90 from eBay UK|$100+ from eBay US.

4. Spooky glass hand that plays Chopin. $16.95

5. Pocket Pod Powerful little headphone amp and effects box with sounds 'borrowed' from vintage gear. £65 UK|$130 US.

6. Oliver Sachs: Musicophilia Amazing book about how people become obsessed by music, which I wrote about here. Amazon UK|Amazon US

7. Something from BugBrand Tom Bugs (who I wrote about here) makes beautiful little noise boxes in his Bristol lab. He doesn't have much in stock at the moment, but it's worth checking back. £7 - £130

8. A print by James Joyce You can't buy any of his excellent music gear paintings but there's much to love in his shop. £75 and up.

9. Vox Amplug Tiny headphone amp which plugs directly into your guitar and looks like a teeny vintage amp. I'd buy the AC30 flavour. $40 US|£30 UK

10. Something from Liam Devowski Liam does awesome illustrations and graffiti of synths. Perhaps if you ask him nicely, he'll sell you something! $POA. Similarly Dan McPharlin makes incredible tiny cardboard synths, and takes commissions.

11. Artec Big Dots Most guitar tuners are incredibly boring, but this one, which looks like the floor of a '70s nightclub, will make any guitarist happy. £40 UK|$70 US

12. Hello Kitty guitar A custom Squier strat in black or in pink, it's not quite as cool as the Japanese original by Fernandes, but still fine. $150 US|£134 UK

13. Moog-inspired music Any of the CDs on this list would make any geek happy. Particularly 'Switched on Nashville'... Amazon US|UK

14. Vintage microphones Vintage microphones are surprisingly cheap (plenty go for well under £50) if a bit unhygenic. They're easy to buy: if they look cool, they are cool. Even if they don't sound so great, they're nice to have around. Avoid modern 'retro' Elvis microphones.Vintage mics from eBay UK|eBay US

15. Something from Etsy There are plenty of great homemade/one-off crafty gifts for music geeks at Etsy. Try some of these keywords: synth, Moog, boom box, cassette, and 83 pages of guitars.

16. Audio Damage Effects If the person you're buying for makes music on a computer, one of these will surprise and delight them. I'd recommend Dr Device, Replicant or Phase Two, but buy the one which you like the look of. $29-$49

17. Casio DG20 MIDI guitar Classic '80s techno kitsch revived by this Flight of the Conchords clip. Because the world is crazy, these actually go for up to £300... eBay UK|eBay US Oh, yes, there's also the Flight of the Conchords DVD: UK|US

18. Korg Mini Kaoss Pad Touch pad DJ effects box for glitchy electronic fun $199 US|£95 UK

19. Nanoloop 2.2 Is a cult homemade cartridge which turns the Nintendo Gameboy Advance (or DS) into an 8 channel synth and sequencer. GBAs now cost next to nothing on eBay. €65

20. Build your own guitar kit Not so much a present as a sentence to a January of tinkering and painting. £54 from Thomann. Alternatively, a generous Warmoth gift certificate would satisfy a more serious fiddler.

Dear reader, what do you want for Christmas. Leave an anonymous note in the comments, and maybe a loved one will be inspired...

YouTube Korg Kaossilator demos are funny

Korg's little Kaossilator touchpad synth came out in Japan last week, so a handful of demo videos have appeared on YouTube. White sunglasses baseball cap dude is definitely the funniest (he has more of the same) and Kaossilator blues is the most musically unlikely (harmonica blues solo). Meanwhile, American yellow glasses dude will make you never want to hear or make music ever again.

eBay of the day: The Ringflute. It's a flute. In a ring.

There's not much to the Ringflute (eBay link) that isn't in the subject line. It costs $39, is made of ABS plastic with ultrasonically welded seams and it was invented by James Johnson, who came up with the idea after, er, trying to demonstrate ocarina fingerings to a Chinese busker using a piece of hosepipe. You can find out more at, which includes this classic 'way to much reverb' sound clip. There's also a $500 wooden version, if you get into it...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

War Machine! The VST plugin for... WAR!

The War Machine is a new plugin from PowerFX containing 87 samples of "Machine guns, Missile launchers, single shots, rocket blasts, cannons, flame throwers, tanks, jet fighters and earth shattering explosions" which come in a sample player, each mapped across the keyboard. What's stopping you buying it now? Well, it's $99, for a start. (via HC)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Gift Guide 2007 pt 1: Price No Object

Buying Christmas presents for music geeks must be a nightmare. If you're rich and generous, this list might help. The guide continues with more affordable bits later this week.

1. Elektron Monomachine MkII The ultimate all-in one boutique synth, and it will look great on any coffee table. $1440 / €1290 direct from Elektron.

2. Something from Vince Clarke's studio For a long time, Vince Clarke has had the most awesome looking studio in the world. Now he's moved to Maine, and is selling off all his gear. eBay link

3. Recording The Beatles This book is a vast, beautifully-produced labour of love. Comes in a slipcase that looks like a reel of tape. It's $100 plus $52 shipping to the UK (Ouch!). Recording the Beatles.

4. A synth subscription Every month, you'll get a new module to build into a midi-controlled analog synth. The addiction to new modules comes free. $120/month for 12 months from

5. DSI Prophet '08 It's black. It's knobby. It's analogue. It's got so many twinkly lights, you won't need a Christmas tree. US: $1999 from Analogue Haven Europe: £1412 from Thomann

6. Tenori On I was a bit underwhelmed, but as a Christmas gift, it's unbeatable... US: Not available. Europe: £599 from Dolphin Music or Rubadub.

7. Little Boy Blue Modular Synth Its a sexy little battery-powered synth built by Jessica Rylan. $395 direct from Flower Electronics.

8. Manikin Memotron A gloriously unnecessary digital Mellotron. Possibly the most stylish synth available (all white lacquer). US: $2,699 from AH Europe: £1412 from Thomann

9. Monome 128 It's a beautiful wooden box, with 128 light-up buttons on top. It's a lot cooler than it sounds. $800, shipping from 14th Dec,

10. Dan Armstrong Plexiglass Guitar Imagine finding that under your tree... US $1,399 from Pedal Geek UK £1069 from Dolphin Music

11. Nord Wave Huge, awesome Swedish-made megasynth with wavetables, FM and analog modelling. £1395 from Dolphin Music

Friday, November 16, 2007

Anchorsong gigs in London, plus the amazing Jel looking for gigs in SF

I'm not sure how Music Thing became the clearing house for incredibly talented MPC beat-makers looking for gigs, but it's no bad thing.

The video above is Jel from Anticon, who plays his MPC live, with no sequencing. His new blog speaks for itself: JEL IN BEDROOM LOOKING FOR GIGS!!.

Meanwhile, Londoners now have no excuse for not seeing Anchorsong playing live. He's playing at Jimi Mistry's Sunday afternoon session at The Brickhouse in Brick Lane this Sunday, then doing two nights with The Woodentops at the Water Rats in Kings Cross on 10/11th December.

That's it for talented MPC folks looking for gigs for a little while...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Download The Click Five Mp3 - Jenny

Download The Click Five Mp3 - Jenny

I really love this song.Jenny. Enjoy ! I will upload the music video later..:D

::download here::

The Click Five - Jenny

A typical Music Thing reader relaxes at home

I love love love this painting by Chris Reccardi from his show at the M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, California. According to Boing Boing: "Chris is a veteran of the animation world, having worked on classics like The Ren & Stimpy Show, The Powerpuff Girls, and Samurai Jack as a designer, writer, director, and even musician." The painting is called "How about fiddling with these knobs for a change, Aldo Cosmo?" 'Polyfonik', which features an excellent keytar, is also rich in awesomeness, and Op 2 is a rather more affordable gift for the Rickenbacker-owning bass player in your life.