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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Eight fantastic old-school hip hop videos

Arvind writes from Sweden: "In response to the posting named "Booooooom! When loudpeakers catch fire" I'd like to present to you a music video from the enthusiast sub-genre of high school girl hip hop dealing with the joy of oversized car audio systems: 1) L'Trimm - Cars that go boom. Plenty of speakermounting action, flattops and even a little easter egg for the geeks at 1:32 - might that be a TR-505?" Thanks Arvind, here are a few more bleached out, pastel coloured old-school delights:
2) Schooly D: I don't like Rock'n'Roll
3) Digital Underground: The Humpty Dance
4) UTFO: Wanna Rock
5) Whodini: Rock you Again
6) Steinski & Mass Media: We'll be Right Back
7) Ultramagnetic MCs: Traveling At The Speed Of Thought
8) Rock Steady Crew: Uprock. Got more? Put them in the comments.

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