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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I want this awesome-looking Beatles book

Christmas is months away and my birthday is just passed, so I might just have to buy 'Recording the Beatles' - the vast, fantastic-looking $100 book full of pictures and stories, written by Kevin Ryan and Brian 'Moog Cookbook' Kehew. They published the book themselves, selling 3,000 copies of the first print run at $100 each. A new run is now available, with a cheaper edition on the way next year. There's a nice piece on the book at Wired - "Gazing at all these pictures of beautiful, ancient, analog gear, I felt like a character out of Blade Runner looking at a pictures of real animals after they had gone extinct and been replaced by clones.", and a nice review from Sound on Sound, although the launch party at Abbey Road doesn't look like it was much fun. (Thanks, Frank)
UPDATE: Shipping the book to the UK will cost $52.

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