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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tiny Music: Cologne Airport has a song

Jon writes: "Did you know that the International Airport at Koln/Bonn has its own completely brilliant tekno-pop song? Go to their site and click on the 'Music' link at the bottom. A player pops up and you are away. It gets better as it goes along. Funky guitar at the end. I have no idea who is responsible for it."

I'm not totally taken with the track, but it has an interesting history. It was written by Plus49 - and started out as a five second chime, played 200 times a day at the airport, and heard by 22 million people since 2003. What you can hear on the site is the extended full-length version, which appeared on the album that Plus49 made with the money they got from the airport commission. Brian Eno et al would be proud of them. (Pic via Ozan)

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