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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Technos Axcel Mark 2 on sale soon?

Remember the Technos Axcel? Only 39 of the mind-bogglingly cool touch-screen resynthesizers were made in the early '90s (here's the essential Matrix Synth post on the Axcel). You can imagine how excited I was when this email arrived:

"I am Pierre Guilmette the Acxel inventor. Just a short note to tell you that we put an Acxel-II project on the rails, you can have a look on very preliminary information on and some rough sound examples that show the capabilities (some exaggerate effects for demonstration purposes). Any questions are welcomed. Best regards, Pierre GUILMETTE."

The new Axcel hardware is, rather disappointingly, not a huge LED-covered touchscreen tethered to a vast monolithic processor block. It's a PCI card, or a not-terribly monolithic 1U rack unit. As Pierre says, it's very early days, so I won't say too much about the sound samples.
Still, the spec promises optional 'touch screen graphic editing', so that will be fun once we've all got multitouch laptops.

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