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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Josh gets a Propellerheads Reason logo tattooed on his wrist

Josh writes to let me know about his new tattoo. He's had a Reason logo put on his left wrist, and captured the event on YouTube. The whole thing could be a publicity stunt around the impending release of Reason 4 (Peter has the story, love that the new modular synth is called Thor), but the video is pretty convincing. You've got to wonder about a software tattoo. What if you'd got the original Cubase logo tattooed in 1989? Or if you were way ahead of the game and into Reality - the first ever soft synth, designed by Dave Smith. Imagine if you were a dedicated Windows user of Emagic Logic in ealy 2002, shortly before Apple bought the company. The shame! Anyway, I've covered Synth tattoos in the past, but never managed to find one that was super super cool. Seen any?

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