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Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Roland 303 for $2,275: The world has, finally, gone mad

eBay item #330132190816 was a very clean-looking TB-303. It sold for $2,275, which seems absurd (in the UK, they normally go for £7-900, which isn't much less absurd). I'm only really surprised because I thought all the cool kids were using laptops. It's 21 years since Phuture's 'Acid Trax' came out. Acid House is as old now as 'Blonde on Blonde' was when 'Acid Trax' was made.
UPDATE: Item #180131513603 is another one at $3,150. Although it has 'scam' written all over it. Just two bidders, a seller with a feedback rating of just 75% and a shonky-sounding description. (thanks Darren)

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