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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ciat-Lonbarde: Crazy guitar vs oscillator vs synth

Here's the hot new thing from Peter Blasser, aka Ciat Lonbarde: The Namastitar is a three-string guitar with brass frets that are wired into the synth circuit. The page has sound samples which are pretty much what you'd expect, to be honest. Yours for $520, custom built. Peter is the crazed genius behind the worm-powered synth and many other strange inventions. He also offers a range of paper circuits - circuit diagrams and schematics on one sheet for you to print, etch and build - CemenTIMmental explains: "You don't have to etch the paper circuits, that's the whole point... you just print them out, stick on card and push the legs of the components thru in the right place and solder together on the other side."

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