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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ten entertaining videos about Max/MSP

The problem with writing this blog is that people think I am the geekiest man in the world. Fortunately, I know I'm not, because I don't know Max:

1. Scratch monkey This guy has set up a patch (using Miss Pinky) which lets him scratch his own voice, live, using real vinyl records. Does it work? Well, watch the video. You won't forget it.

2. SP-1200 Video Guy turns his classic SP-1200 sampler/drum machine into a video sequencer.

3. Jamie Liddell talking about Max Uniquely, he's using it to make music with both a beat and a tune

4. Sexy Lemur+Max drum sequencer patch When big Mac screens all go multi-touch, we'll all be able to do this...

5. Gamepad-controlled breakcore Just a little bit like Jones in Nathan Barley.

6. Controlling sound using RFID tags Well, yes, that works...

7. Dude with saxophone and twitchy arm Again, does this sound familiar? (Thanks, Steven)

8. Guitar Zeros Nice profile of the band who use Guitar Hero 2 controllers and Max to play live (Contains the excellent phrase "I tweaked out really hard") Here's how to do it yourself.

9. Printball Not actually music, but it uses Max to control a robotic paintball gun which works as a big, slow, noisy, cool injet printer.

10. Paris Hilton Remixed Not her album, but her more famous pr0n video remixed with Max (video pretty much SFW, but turn down your speakers. You've done that already, right?)

Alternatively, for snark-free videos Cycling 74 have a big collection.

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