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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Building a Kaoss Pad into a guitar the cheap & dirty way

Inspired by Phil's efforts, Adam wanted to build a Kaoss Pad into a guitar. He already had a cheap old Les Paul copy and a KP1, but otherwise, he had a few restrictions:

1) I'm 19. Lack any previous experience of either guitar modifications or electronics.

2) I'm on a budget. A real budget £15. I'm sure many people share this position.

3) I don't really have any specialist equiptment, all soldering stuff and extras (except the KP and my guitar) came off eBay for about £15 in total, including stuff for the LED's.

He's blogging the process as he goes along: "I couldn't find a chisel so I hacked my softbody Tanglewood Starfire LP Copy with a flatbladed screwdriver and a now blistered hand. IT CAN BE DONE!" If only he'd asked, I'd have lent him the Music Thing Router... (Thanks Phil)

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