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Saturday, March 17, 2007

eBay of the Year: King Tubby's bass speaker

Sadly the auction has just finished, but eBay item #320091605269 is amazing - a bass speaker from King Tubby's legendary late '60s Hometown Hi-Fi sound system. The history of dub has more about Hometown Hi-Fi: "He took it to a dance and played the vocal, which everybody knew, then played the dub plate of this rhythm track and people couldn't believe it." According to the auction, it was "Recently found at a yard in Water House, (Near to Tubby's studio [at 38 St Lucia Road]), by one of our record hunters" The speaker box sold for $617, apparently to a dub 7" collector from my home town of Bristol, who's now going to have to pay $400+ to ship it over. (Thanks, Jim)
UPDATE: The buyer was indeed Jeremy Collingwood, a reggae historian from Bristol (England), who runs a vintage soundsystem hire business.

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