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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Goodiepal: This video will blow your mind

I wouldn't normally link to this.
It's 30 minutes long. It's streaming. It's windows media. It's all in Danish. But it's the craziest thing I've seen for ages. You have to skip through 12 minutes of a report on Second Life to get to Goodiepal (who I've mentioned in the past) being interviewed on a fairly straight TV show on Monday. He puts a small, white flightcase on the desk, and they talk for about six minutes. Then he opens the case, to reveal some kind of clockwork thing under a bell jar. They talk some more. The money shot is at about 20mins, where Goodiepal picks up the jar, winds it up and starts whistling. The clockwork thing becomes a little bird, which whistles along with him, as he plays some levers round the back. The presenter is flabbergasted. At about 23mins, they both get up and walk over to a table covered in little planets and stuff. Goodiepal starts whistling again, moving stuff about, and grunting in a weird Orc-like way. A previous poster thought it was awful. I thought it was awesome, if only for the look on the presenter's face.
After all that, you might want to learn more about GP. There's a rather noisy official site, a bit of stuff on flickr, and a straight biog. If you really can't bear the streaming windows nonsense (or the link has died), there is a bit of stuff on YouTube including this rather unenlightening clip of the mechanical bird in action - here is a higher res .wmv version. (Thanks, Martin)

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