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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Artec Big Dots Tuner: "a 70s light show that tells you whether you're in tune"

Last week I was in Treblerock Music in Bristol playing this absurdly cheap but really not bad guitar and the guy showed me a Big Dots SE-PTN Tuner which is cool. The LED matrix displays the note you're tuning and the letters zip in and out very pleasingly. It's also very cheap (about £45) and, as this review says: "Basically it's a 70s light show that somehow tells you whether you're in tune or not". It's nice to see a Korean company making something original and clever (although I'm braced for someone telling me it's a rip off). Artec are also the company who make the chip inside the ModBoard analog delay, which I've now wired up and will post about soonest. (Pic via Blog of doctor Music store manager)

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