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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stealers Wheel dude gets his guitar melted by plug-in air freshener

From The Sun: "EX-JETHRO Tull member TONY WILLIAMS [who also played bass on Stealers Wheel's 'Stuck in the middle with you'] has blasted an AIR FRESHENER firm for 'ruining' his £2,000 guitar.

"The bassist claims he left his pride and joy near an Ambi Pur plug-in in his Blackpool house but the fumes melted its paint and varnish.

"He says the instrument, a mid-70s Fender Stratocaster, is damaged beyond repair.

Tony, 59, who was in the prog rock band in 1978, is now warning other musicians not to do the same thing.

"He said: 'I stood the guitar in the corner of the room near to an Ambi Pur plug-in unit. The next day, the paint and varnish had melted and dripped on to the unit.'
Sara Lee, the firm that makes Ambi Pur, said: 'Our initial response is the product has not been used according to the guidelines.'"
Remember folks: be careful with your gear...

(via the always splendid Guitar Blog)

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