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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Prophet 8: Prophet 5 reborn by Dave Smith Industries?

Dave Bryce is a DSI staffer who regularly pops up on the Vintage Synth forum to drop rumours about new products (just like he did for the launch of the Mono Evolver Keyboard). At the moment he's holding court with an announcement sure to bring a tear to eye of the most hard-hearted synth geek. DSI is about to release the Prophet 8 - a 30th anniversary re-release/remix of the Prophet 5. Of course, Matrix Synth has a good summary of what we know so far: 8 voice, all analog, patch memory, sequencer, arpeggiator, none of the digital stuff from the Evolver, street price of $1,999. Exciting stuff. There are sound samples from Stefan Trippler here and a teasing video here.

If you need any reminding of how cool Prophet 5s were, I strongly recommend this wonderful YouTube clip of Talking Heads playing in Rome in 1980 with two Prophet 5s, one Prophet 10 and Adrian Belew on strat and RE-201. There's a torrent of the whole show on Trader's Den (some registration required, I think). (Thanks Aaron, picture via BDU, Heads link via BoingBoing)

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